Posted on January 28, 2019


By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. The numbers in this benchmark fall right into line with the Reference numbers provided with Sandra in this new version. So there we have them, the numbers most people will be looking for. Only glaring bad spots should be noted and the MSI has none. A bad layout for me can be the difference between getting and ignoring a new motherboard, regardless of what features or performance it offers.

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At any rate, it is so far from being slow! Thumbs up to MSI and if they can sort out the small issues in a later revision, they can’t fail to succeed with this board.

MSI K7t Pro2-u Ms ATX AMD Socket Computer Motherboard Socket a | eBay

What a waste in my opinion. The indicators are located right next to the audio and multimedia ports and as well, on the PC-to-PC USB bracket so they can be viewed from the outside of the case. And using the supplied WDM driver for the Live! The version used doesn’t detect the Athlon MP correctly, complaining of an unknown processor stepping code.

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VIA Apollo KTA chipset Specifications Before we get our hands dirty in the specifications, remember a chipset is just that, a set of individual chips that work together to provide the services the AMD platform needs to function.


It may be a component in my setup, it may be a BIOS setting tweaked wrongly but I’m sure more memory performance is there to be unlocked.

MSI K7T Pro2U – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KTA Overview – CNET

Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. All in all, not a hugely compelling upgrade over current AMD DDR solutions, but the speed increases ,si there to be used if you can take advantage of them. The MHz increase in clock gives us a k7f266 increase in core CPU speed from the already ms performance at 1. It’s a nice addition and gives you an extra piece of mind and seems to work well. POV-Ray streams plenty of data from main memory to the CPU and back to perform its intensive calculations required to render our test scene.

SmartKey is also a good value addition to the K7T Pro2 package. This is the second K7T Pro2 from MSI we’ve had here in Hexus labs due to time constraints in keeping the first board, but during the time we had with it, performance was significantly lower than expected.

MSI K7t266 Pro2-u Ms-6593 ATX AMD Socket 462 Computer Motherboard Socket a

However after months of delay, VIA essentially allowed its competition to gain a foothold in the marketplace first. Software installation was also simple. Introduction MSI were kind enough to courier me their latest, not-even-on-the-website, motherboard for review, the K7T Pro2. A Quick Note on Installation and Software. There are also 2 fan headers near the top edge of the board, to the left and right of the Pro2-i slots.


Physical installation of the board was a cinch.

It was among the slowest chipsets around and it had one glaring problem – when the bus speed exceeded MHz, USB devices stopped working. The answers at first glance appears to be very well and a resounding yes! Apart from that we see nothing unusual here. I could be wrong however.

However, I’ve had nothing but problems with the onboard sound driver under Windows XP. Windows 98, while having little testing on this motherboard, seems to be OK. When VIA first announced their DDR chipset the KT, the whole hardware community was gearing up for quite an intense battle among the chipset makers.

The inclusion of things like USB2. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. But VIA have persevered and here it is.

MSI K7T266 Pro2U – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A

The top left placement is a good choice however and gets my thumbs up. Applications that shift a lot of data between main memory and the CPU will be the obvious benefactors with the KTA. Lastly, as you can see, the PCB is bright red!