Posted on December 5, 2018


This is just a goliardic provocation…. The Evo line comprises four products: I had previously made the similar observation that the bass from my turntable was also deeper and more impactful. Out of the box the system with the hiFace 2 sounded a little rough, with a bit of digital grain that causes listening fatigue. I mean something that is normal in every field of science, namely innovation and shifts in understanding that do not change basic assumptions yet significantly affect the end results.

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They questioned everything that appeared to be certain and addressed the sources of all problems they identified one by one.

I let the hiFace 2 break in for about a week and little or no digital grain remained. What they say is that rvo the computer realm the vast majority of our concerns about digital audio systems are not applicable. I have listed them following the order of their insertion in my chain. All remaining descriptions of hiFace 2 were conducted with the computer running on battery power.

The installation of the drivers is very simple and the interface immediately recognized. How did it happen that two enthusiasts—Marcin Ostapowicz and Josef Piri—came up with something that easily beat products from recognized software companies who had already developed this type of software player for many years?

The answer is very simple. I also tested those two devices.

hiFace Evo Two

All images contained in this review are the property of High Fidelity or M2Tech. Out of the box the system with the hiFace 2 sounded a little rough, with a bit of digital grain that causes listening fatigue.

Recent Drivers  LTN 4891S DRIVER

This is just a goliardic provocation…. In short, very well. You can also find how to make the correct set-up of the interface in the most widespread apps like iTunes, Foobar, Media Monkey and WinAmp.

M2Tech Evo set | Part One – hiFace Evo interface and Evo DAC

Listening to the Esoteric transport gave the anticipated bass reverberations, echoes, and overall sense of space within the soundstage. Damped reverberations appropriately echoed within the soundstage. When listening with the Esoteric transport, the background vocals on Delicate have an ethereal feel that echoes above m2tec to the right of Damien Rice. This was especially noticeable during Hand in My Pocket and Forgiven. The hiFace Evo, via the 2.

The problems are many. I am almost sure that none of those who criticize the solutions we have adopted in the audio world—repeatedly re-examined, discarded, confirmed and challenged again—carried out any such tests themselves.

The hiFace supplies itself with a V and does not have a power supply. The laptop simply didn’t sound better and the iPad was more convenient. Vocals and instruments were more firmly placed in the soundstage.

Additionally, the drums were more palpable when listening to the Esoteric transport. When I plugged in the charger everything changed — albeit slightly — for the worse. With Microsoft, we have to decide which is the protocol required to collect the data from the mass memories, to elaborate and send them to the peripheral. And while it lacked the naturalness, refinement, and soundstage of the Evo, it is still an m2teh value.


In addition, the bass was tighter, fuller, more impactful, and deeper.

M2TECH srl. – Products to Enjoy Music

Based upon the observations Nick Whetstone made during his review of the hiFace 2and my experiences using a charger to power my MacBook Air, I believe the hiFace 2 can be substantively improved using an external power supply.

Here it is the insights of computer geeks, software engineers, IT specialists m2rech other trustworthy respected people I say this with absolute conviction which are most important and significant. The available outputs are only RCA, but gold-plated. Out of the box it takes go-juice direct from the wall via a SMPS but introduced to the Evo Supply Two it too can benefit from its reportedly lower power noise levels, oh so important to the timing accuracy and m2tecj of its internal clocks.

hiFace Evo Two – M2TECH srl.

I swapped USB ports, little or no difference. It looks like a compact and small aluminium parallelepiped whit a squared base of about ten cm on the side and five of height. I personally believe that such chain: That makes such critics either misinformed or worse, ignorant.