Posted on December 9, 2018


Aside from being altogether bummed that the expansion card isn’t fully compatible with non-LaCie hard drives, we were thrilled with how this solution worked. Let’s have a look. Once you reboot after the driver installation, you’ll never remember that you’re using a LaCie-issued driver to talk to your LaCie USB 3. Naturally, we used a FireWire to adapter cable in order to make the latter compatible with our Mac Pro test system. Ask a question Reset.

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I popped in my cheapie Keydex USB 3. Once we plugged the hub back into a uwb USB 2. You might also want to read these other posts Furthermore, Apple provides an astonishing three USB 2.

Nov 19, 5: The drive spun up, the lights came on, but nothing else happened.

USB for Mac review and benchmarks (with a LaCie 2big USB )

Nov 12, 6: We plugged in a 7-port USB 3. Pleased that LaCie released their driver to the world, I was anxious to try it out for myself.


Ask a question Reset. CalDigit’s adapters have one big advantage: Infotech 24 7 Infotech 24 7.

Qualifiers, stipulations and wrap-up Here’s what we learned through all of this. The hatter The hatter. They claim on their USB 3. We saw similar gains percentage wise, with read rates on the 2big USB 3. For one, installation on a Mac Pro couldn’t be simpler. Reply Helpful Thread reply uusb more options Uab to this Post.

I have a quad core mac pro bought running OS Not the answer I wanted but the answer nevertheless.

USB 3 PCI Express Card (1x) | LaCie US

Jan 10, 1: The 2big even demonstrated a 16 percent increase over FireWirebut of course, having ysb RAID 0 setup makes a big difference. It’s obviously a third-party ordeal, but it feels seamless to the end user. Background and tools you’ll need Just to refresh those who completely slept through November 4ththere actually is a way to get USB 3. On the smallest test file, the USB 3. On a slightly different note, we found ourselves yearning for three or four USB 3. I’ve logged a support call with them but they don’t appear to be very quick to respond.


d2 USB 3 + USB 3 PCI Express Card

View answer in context. In general, the read rates were around the same compared to write rates. Foxconn says it won’t staff Wisconsin plant with workers from China.

There’s good news and bad news here: As for test files? From around the web. User profile for user: Also, we should point out that the 2big USB 3.

Then, you’ll need a free driver, which can be downloaded here. After refreshing System Profiler and Disk Utility a few times, I jumped over to the Terminal to see if there were any error messages.